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Interested in becoming a sponsor of our markets? We’re excited to connect with local Edmonton businesses to help cross promote your products, services, and brand.

About the Edmonton Punk Rock Flea Market

Building on the love of music, community, DIY ethics, and art, punk rock flea markets are thriving across North America! The Edmonton Punk Rock Flea Market (PRFMYEG) embraces these values and brings them to the heart of Edmonton, offering a unique space for creators of underground art, alternative and vintage fashions, music, and everything that defines alternative culture.

PRFMYEG carefully curates a selection of the finest makers in Edmonton, throughout Alberta, and from across Canada. Our goal is to provide a platform that celebrates the spirit of alternative culture, showcasing the diversity and talent within our community.

At PRFMYEG, we are committed to cultivating a safe, inclusive, and family-friendly shopping environment. We aim to bring together high-quality goods that resonate with fans of outsider art, music enthusiasts, collectors, and those seeking one-of-a-kind and handcrafted goods.

Join us in Edmonton for an unparalleled experience where music, art, and a sense of community converge at the Edmonton Punk Rock Flea Market!

"As a vendor, this is the best market I have ever sold at.

The customer base is so lovely, and the other vendors were so much fun to work with! I barely had a chance to leave my table to shop for myself because it was so busy.

Even when I have solely been a customer, the welcoming and bustling vibe remains the same. I have an amazing time, every time."


"As vendors, we loved working with the PRFMYEG crew. We've only done one show so far, but it ended up being one of our top-grossing local markets of last year, and we will be applying to vend at more this year!

There was a very good stream of foot traffic, a diverse mix of artists that still fit the punk/alternative/quirky theme, and good energy from both the vendors and the attendees.”


PRFMYEG Breakdown

  • Quarterly

  • One-day market

  • Free Admission

  • All ages

  • Demographics : Age 20 to 45

  • Fully accessible (Floor level access / automatic door entrance / easy access private handicap restroom)

  • Tons of Free Parking (60 car lot + 3 blocks of residential street parking)

  • Bus Route Friendly

  • 40+ vendors

  • Low Vendor Fees

  • Approx. 1200 attendees

  • Approx. $40,000 in vendor sales

  • Multiple Not-For-Profit tables (free) including 4B Harm Reduction, Boyle Street Services, and Safe Team Rescue.

  • Instagram: 3650 Followers

  • Facebook: 2.7k Followers

"PRFMYEG was excellent at communicating with vendors, sending out updates, spotlighting vendors, and truly making me feel like I could have a successful first-ever market experience.

From the moment I walked into the hall and met my stall neighbors, it was just smiles all day long.

The vibes were truly those of a very supportive community, and even though it was my first market, as a vendor, I felt nothing but support and camaraderie with my fellow vendors.

One of the vendors told me that I couldn’t have picked a better market to have my first vendor experience, that PRFMYEG is truly a family, and they support each other.

I absolutely felt it the whole way through my vendor experience. I cannot wait to vend at another PRFMYEG event <3”


"I knew this thing would be fun, but it was even better than expected. It's awesome to see so many people come out and support local artists, creators, and weirdos like me. Everything went super smoothly, and it was a huge success. I sold more here than on any other day online.

10/10 would recommend."


Let’s team up

Interested in becoming a sponsor of our markets? We’re excited to connect with local Edmonton businesses to help cross promote your products, services, and brand. We want to team up with Edmonton breweries, tattoo shops, skate shops, roller rinks, bars and venues, restaurants and more!

Sponsorship is easy!

We’re looking for prizes for our Bingo giveaways we hold during each event.  (learn about PRFMYEG Bingo here)

It’s fun and generates a good buzz with attendees. In the past we’ve given away tattoo gift certificates, local brewery gift cards, concert and wrestling tickets as well as lots of handmade products from our roster of talented vendors.

Products, tickets, vouchers or gift cards for your product(s) work great. Company swag like stickers, beanies, and shirts can round out the prize package and give the winners a fuller way to experience your brand and continue to promote your products.

This is great option for small to large businesses. With a prize donation we’re happy to promote your prize package and brand over the span of a month before the event through our socials.  We also have a free standing sponsors podium at each event where we’ll display your brand.

Get in touch with us if you think we could work together! Contact us

Have something else in mind? Get in touch and let’s make something big happen together.  Any amount helps and goes towards keeping this market: affordable for vendors, free for attendees, unique to stand out from the rest, and accessible for everyone that wants to join in on the fun.

We’d like to raise funds for things like:

  • Bigger and better bingo prizes

  • More advertising

  • Event lighting

  • Vendor table fee refunds

  • Artist micro grants

Our goal is support local Edmonton artists, creators, and small businesses to help transform Edmonton into a Canada’s hub for artists.

Keep it greasy!

PRFMYEG organizers

Get in Touch

Email us at prfmyeg@gmail.com

“This show featured all beautiful locally handmade stuff. I love that! I loved the music. I loved the setup. I loved the huge variety of people that came through! I talked to people and asked them to show me what they bought from other vendors. It was fun! I couldn't believe how much traffic there was!!! I've told all of my friends to make sure to check it out when the next show happens. I hope I get the opportunity to vend again.

As for the organizers, Fabulous! So kind and really made me feel like they care about how the vendors are doing. Everything was just smooth, and I appreciate that! It was so nice to have zero issues and a smooth setup and teardown. That makes a huge difference!"


“I Came to your show a few months ago at The Aviary. Group of some of the friendliest and most down to people I’ve ever met! I left with my arms full of all kinds of stuff that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Great venue and awesome value too! Loved the sticker selection, the t-shirt shop and the person selling the toaster oven bath bombs in particular.

I actually visited on my moms birthday as something fun to do for the day and she still talks about it. Look forward to seeing you all again soon!”

Kate H.

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