Punk Rock Bingo

All market attendees have a chance to win fabulous prizes! We give away prizes like gift cards to local breweries and tattoo shops, tickets to music concerts and wrestling events, and unique merchandise from our fantastic market vendors. Don't miss out on the fun!

How to participate:

Step 1:
 Attend a PRFMYEG Event! (Come early)

Step 2: Get a bingo card from the lovely humans at the PRFMYEG Booth. (There’s only 50 cards per market.)

Step 3: Visit the vendors!

  •  Each booth you visit you will get a STAMP.

  •  Each booth you buy from you will get a SIGNATURE from the vendor.

​Folks who purchase from 3 or more booths and have a full bingo card of stamps will be entered to win the LARGE draw.

If you visit ALL booths, you should have a fully stamped bingo card, which gets you entered into the draw for the smaller prizes.

Good luck!

Comic about how to play PUNK ROCK BINGO (Instagram)

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