The questions we get asked the most. Help yourself to the answers you need!

Do you need to be a punk to attend this market?

The name “Punk Rock Flea Market” has more to do with the DIY spirit of the event. We are a collection of chill and creative artists, creators, activists, and anarchists of every color, gender & race.  If you want to come and attend or vend, then you are punk enough for us.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! We are proud to offer a safe, relaxed space for everyone to have a really good time. Our community is really the best as they are some of the friendliest folks in Edmonton. There’s lots of fun stuff for everyone to enjoy. Bring the whole family! We are stoked to have you.

What can we expect at the PRFMYEG?

40+ artist vendors selling unique handmade goods / Tasty food trucks / Bingo prizes and giveaways / Local not for profit organizations / Punk rock and post punk music hits playing all day / Tons of the best and friendliest people in Edmonton and more!

Is this a cash only event?

Nope. Thanks to the technology of smartphones and the internet most vendors now accept all credit and debit cards.  (Tap/Swipe/Dip) Many vendors still do prefer cash (smaller bills) as it saves them money on fees. There is no ATM machine on site.

Bringing both Cash & Card is the best way to guarantee you bring home that awesome item you found!

Is there a cover charge?

There’s no cover charge, entry is FREE for anyone that wants to attend our PRFMYEG events.

How do I get to your venue? Is there parking?

We host PRFMYEG at Steel Heights Community League at 5825 140 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB.  It’s a few blocks away from the Londonderry Mall and a 20min drive from downtown. (Access via the Yellowhead and the Anthony Henday.)

We have tons of FREE parking. A nice sized parking lot and blocks of quiet street parking. All Free!

Can we bring our kids?

PRFMYEG is an all age event and everyone is welcome. Kids have a great time at the market. Baby strollers would be a struggle as our aisles do get VERY packed. Baby carriers/slings work best for the littlest ones. There is a baby change table in the larger handicap washroom.

There are many artists that make delicate, one of a kind (and expensive) works like ceramic mugs and glass etchings. Respect all vendors and their goods, teach your little ones the same.

Are dogs allowed?

Not at this time for indoor events. Sorry! (Trained Service animals are welcome)

How can I apply as a vendor?

Subscribing to our vendor mailing list is the best way to make sure you don’t miss our vendor application.

Following our Instagram account is the best way to stay up to date with all PRFMYEG news.

Applications will be open for a short amount of time. Our application form will ask you for your socials / contact information / artist write up / photos of your work and your booth.

PRFMYEG is a curated event so applications don’t guarantee a spot.

What kind of Vendors do you accept?

We’re looking for talented, creative, and unique vendors. We want misfits and alternative artists that might not fight in anywhere else. Edgy and funny artwork. Punk rock flair does well here. If you’re doing something different - apply! We also encourage first time vendors to apply. If you don’t get in, don’t be discouraged and apply again in the future.

We don’t accept resellers, MLMs, and low effort goods.

How big are the vendor spaces? Do you supply a table?

Vendor spots are large enough for a 6ft table. You must supply your own table. We supply you with 2 chairs. You must also bring a proper table covering that covers the legs of the table.

*We do have a small amount of tables available for rent if you can’t supply your own.

Please keep your table to 2 people max. Don’t attach anything anything to the walls of the venue. Don’t obstruct the market walkways or disrupt your neighbors space. (Introduce yourself and work together! Everyone is super nice.)

Vendor spots don’t come with power. Plan accordingly. (Portable battery banks are great for keeping your phone charged.) Some wall spots may have access to an outlet you may use. Do not run power cables through the market walkways.  

How much do you charge your vendors?

Currently our vendor spots are $75. (Subject to change)

How is the market advertised?

We post consistently to our social media accounts. We also make press releases to share with the local news media and radio stations. Last market we had CTV come out and do a piece on us. Watch it here.

We do some postering/flyering downtown Edmonton. Our main technique is to get posters up inside of like minded business here in Edmonton. Own a cool business and want to put up and poster for the next event? (Or sponsor us) get in touch! :)

Vendors are asked to actively promote the event to their followers through their social platforms. Cross promoting each others work is useful and opens up your follows to different artists. We also run featured posts of each vendor before the show date. Together we are strong!

How does the PRFMYEG Bingo work?

We have a full page about it here!  It’s very fun. If you’re an attendee, Good luck! If you’re a vendor, please donate something to the prize draws. If you have a cool business here in Edmonton and want to sponsor a prize - get in touch! It’s an excellent incentive to get people out to the market and a fun way to make sure attendees visit every vendor.


Please Beware of the Scams! We have shady Facebook / Instagram accounts that pop up and contact people claiming vendor spots have opened up and they are accepting payment directly. They are also quite prevalent during prize giveaways.

DO NOT sent them any payments.

Only correspondence from our official email is real. We will post on our socials when applications are open and when they are full. You will be contacted via email if you are accepted / waitlisted for an event.

If ever you are unsure - contact us! Stay safe.

We DO NOT solicit or accept payment through our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Are Bats allowed?

Taxidermy Bats and Bat bones are not allowed in our market.  Please check out this informative post from Moth and Marrow.

Are masks mandatory at your event?

No. Wearing a mask is not mandatory at our events. You are welcome to wear a mask if you choose. Either way, you will not be discriminated against for your choice. The market gets quite crowded with people so we do recommend staying home if you have a cough or cold.

Wash your hands. Don’t cough on people. Stay safe. Have fun!

I wasn’t accepted into your market.
Do you hate me?!

It sucks not being accepted into a market. We understand.

We get 2x the applicants than there is space. Do understand that we want to accept everyone but we don't have the capacity or space to do so.  (Some reasons why you might not have been accepted.)

Please apply again! We do like to change things up and keep our vendors fresh and exciting, but we also know that many of our customers come out specifically for our returning vendors.

Please be respectful of our curation choices for each event, and don’t harass our staff if you weren’t accepted. <3

What’s up with Harm Reduction?

Life is very tough right now (especially in cold Edmonton) A lot of people use different substances to cope. Harm Reduction is about keeping people alive. Period.

Learn more with 4B Harm Reduction.

This isn’t a punk market! / You're not punk enough!

Why are you using A.i artwork? Why aren’t you using local artists?

As professional artists (with a combined 40+ years of experience) we think A.i art is simultaneously amazing AND the worst.

Yes, It’s very frustrating that we’ve reached a point in time where the computer algorithms get to make art, while we still toil away in the factories. It’s a sign of our corrupt times and just another symptom of our societal collapse. It sucks, but things must get worse before they can get better. Be angry AND inspired until Skynet has control and then we’ll see you on the streets for the revolution!

We plan on continuing our journey as artists on paper / canvas / computer / tablet and now with A.i. - It’s just another tool.

Keep in mind, your favourite obscure bands from the 70’s would have crawled through broken glass to have access to a super computer that could pump out any of their wild, dream-like album art ideas out in a matter of seconds.

It’s not for everyone. Your opinion is valid. But don’t confuse that with our work we’re doing for Edmonton creators. We work really hard to make sure local artists get to connect directly with the public and sell their goods for cold, hard cash.

What are you doing? <3

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